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Munna Cash – Slide Thru




On 10.12.2021. Munna Cash dropped a music video for his song “Slide Thru on his YouTube channel.

Munna Cash dropped a banger, and we already have a favourite bar:” Rule number 1, don’t be number 2”. Munna says he calls this “pain music”, and we can get what he is hinting at.

On the other hand, Munna has dropped something very different from his usual vibe; there is a dominant bass in this song, and Munna sounds much more confident and dynamic.

The shots for the music video were taken in the rapper’s neighbourhood, and he is thrilled to show us the part of his hood that made him what he is today.

Catchy bars and good melodies are something Munna Cash has delivered every time he hits the studio, and we are glad he has decided to finish this year off with a banger.

Munna really came a long way since his breakthrough hit “What’s Up Today”, and we notice the change of style in his new hit “ Slide Thru”. However, as it comes to real bars and top-notch writing skills, that is something Munna will never change.

One of the most underrated underground artists has some dope bars in his new song, so don’t sleep on that. We are ready for everything Munna has prepared for us next year.

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Quotable lyrics:

“ And I love my city, 

but gotta get out, this

shit hella toxic; listen to me

when I tell you something,

loudest in the room really have nothing.”