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Lil Berete x Young Smoke x Tizzy Stackz – Big Body (Video)

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Lil Berete released the new single “Big Body” in collaboration with Young Smoke and Tizzy Stackz.

Outstanding artist from Toronto, Lil Berete, teamed up with other great rappers Young Smoke and Tizzy Stackz on their collaborative single “Big Body.” The official music video, directed by @JulezLeo, premiered on February 5, 2021. The song is fire and will get you hooked up quite quickly – it has more than 121k views on YouTube and more or other streaming platforms so far.

This fantastic rapper, Lil Berete, is famous for many songs he released so far, and they are racking up millions of streams and views. Some of his most famous songs are “Turn Up,” with over 1.4 million views, “Southside,” 2.9 million views, “Northside,” over 2.9 million views on YouTube, and others. The most famous collaborations are the songs “Real,” featuring Acerrr, and “No Makeup,” featuring JoEazy.

The latest singles that Young Smoke, whose talent is undeniable, released are “4 Tha Streetz, “Block Boy,” and “Sticks & Drums.” Continuing his brother’s steps, he has so much to show us. After his brother Smoke Dawn passed away, Young Smoke made sure he will keep Dawn’s legacy and support his family through music.

Tizzy Stackz is a great Hip-Hop and Rap artist whose fan base is growing each day – only on Spotify, he has more than 114k monthly listeners. Some of his most famous songs are “Rainstorm,” “Prada Me,” Backend,” and others.

These three young and already successful rappers are for sure one of the artists you should follow in 2021. Stay tuned up for more great songs to come, as they are working on their music with great effort and energy.

Check out the official music video “Big Body” above, follow Lil Berete, Young Smoke, and Tizzy Stackz, and stream their music on all available platforms.