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Lil Montè – Rapper

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Lil Monte Drops New Single ‘Rapper’ 

Lil Monte released his new song ‘Rapper’ on 12 September 2021. It is directed by chiboki and TheReal2R 

The number of views is proof the Rap fans are liking this masterpiece. Lil monte expressed about his early days and the fake love that he encountered.

The concept of the music video is a bit dark, explained well with the animations and dope video. He has rapped melodiously with the unbroken flow.

According to the concept, his greediness caused him to do drug dealing. From wearing excessive jewelry to selling drugs, he was spoiled.

He is kind of bragging about his smartness that the feds were not able to know about him despite all this. This song sounds gothic when he starts telling about his anxiety and demons.

The video animation intensifies the lyrics. The blur effects and smoking makes the perfect combo of aesthetics. His little dance move in an all-black outfit kinda fits with the song.

The thing to be wondered is how one can sing such dark lyrics with a heart-warming voice. No one can do it better than Lil Monte.

If you are into rap songs, and even if you aren’t, invest your 02:16 minutes into worthy entertainment. It will hook you for at least a week.

About Him

Lil Monte is a rising rapper with some dope rap songs. He is from Toronto, Canada.

He has recently started his career in 2020 with an album ‘Vengeance. His song ‘Repair My Heart’ and ‘No Love’ went amazing and people loved them. His songs take time but are worth waiting for.

Lil monte has masterpieces such as ChromeHeart, Forever Pain, Industry Niggas, Trencherous, Dreams and Cases.

His songs can be listened to on platforms like Deezer, SoundCloud, Youtube, Apple music and Spotify.