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Shy Glizzy – Borderline ft. EST Gee

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Shy Glizzy drops out new visual for Borderline team up with EST Gee

A month ago, the visual for the song Borderline was released on Shy Glizzy’s official YouTube channel. In this short time, Borderline was watched by almost half a million people, with many positive comments on the visual. The combination of these two artists brought a movie story and a quality song.

Jerry Morka directed the video. The visual that will surely hold your attention every second of the song’s duration is exactly this video. The rappers created a visual with the alternation of two scenes. The first scene is exclusively focused on the artists and their rapping, while a movie story unfolds parallel to it. The second scene is a thriller story of a bank robbery, which starts with checking in at the front desk, not knowing that it will turn into an armed robbery with a shootout. Rappers with a car on fire in their scene celebrate a successful robbery by rapping to the beat.

The music for Borderline reaches the audience very easily and is easy to remember, as is the chorus, which you can sing confidently after just a few listens. Most of the song is performed by Shy Glizzy in his melodious voice. EST Gee broke the melody with his rough recognizable voice, bringing a new dimension to this story.

Before the visual was released on the YouTube channel, Shy Glizzy released a short promo video to announce the release of the video.

In recent months Shy Glizzy has been working hard on his projects and, at the end of 2021, released a fantastic album called Don’t Feed The Sharks. In this music project, there are 15 successful songs of Ay Ay Ay which he did in collaboration with Glizzy Gang.

In addition to his successful projects in the past period, EST Gee could also be heard on Future’s last album called I Never Liked You. Their successful collaboration was for the song Chickens, a short time recorded with over 26 thousand views.

Shy Glizzy is active on his Instagram profile, where his Instagram name is JEFE. The rapper’s profile has over 1.2 thousand followers to see great photos and other quality content that the artist regularly shares with fans. Before announcing that the visual was finally out, the rapper announced the visual to his audience the day before by telling them to wait until midnight and watch the video.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch this incredibly good visual for Borderline, click on the icon below. We are sure you will enjoy this action movie story with an extremely interesting and unusual story. If you are interested in what is new that you can expect from the rapper in the coming period, follow his official YouTube channel and enjoy the content.

Read part of the lyrics for Borderline below:

They thought I made it out the game, I always had a foot in it
I sent a nigga on a hit, but he got caught ‘fore he finished
Of course he ratted like a bitch and still ain’t get lighter sentence