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Lil Berete – Venom

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Venom is the official music video of Lil Berete

Jaja Berete, known as Lil Berete, recorded a new video for his new song “Venom”. The video was released on his YouTube channel on the 1st of May this year.

Lil Berete takes his music to a new level with great visuals and amazing lyrics. The song is about love and trust and some “poisonous” feelings. 

This rapper from Regent Park is known for connecting the gap between the south and the north. His sound is recognisable precisely because he combined the sound of Africa with the melodies that are heard in Toronto. He finds inspiration for African sounds in his songs because his mother is from Guinea. She conveyed to him her passion and love for that music.

The song has a very attractive faster rhythm and has already met with good reactions from the audience. In the song’s introduction, the guitar’s sound will attract you and easily introduce you to a completely faster and more mobile rhythm.

If you love amazing music with a rhythm guaranteed to move your body, Venom is your song.

In addition to being faster, this song is ideal for listening to in clubs, parties, and even driving a car. It will change your mood for sure. The audience loves how Lil Berete’s music and lyrics perfectly harmonise with him.

Lil Berete’s new video ‘Venom’ was shot in several locations where the rapper is in the foreground. Besides him, several other men appear in the video, but the focus is on the rapper. However, what is in the video that’s interesting are the shots with great green light effects also appear.

The video is simple, but there are a lot of good details where we can notice a good outfit or some of the shots where special attention is paid to the jewellery that the rapper chose for his video.

As Lil Berete constantly surprises and delights his audience, so we expect to be with this song. After the debut album “Icebreaker”, with which the rapper became famous, he became a recognisable name in rap music, and it is expected that this song will be one in a series of hits he makes.

Interestingly, Lil Berete deleted all posts from his Instagram profile, but he is active in publishing only current events related to the new song. He is active with publishing Story, not posts. Everyone can find the link for Lil Berete’s latest song in the description of his Instagram profile. If you want to keep up to date with the news, visit his Instagram profile and follow the rapper.

His voice is very pleasant to listen to, and as he sings this song, he pulls you on the move. A song is a great choice if you want to release something that will move you and bring you new energy.

Be sure to listen to the video for Lil Berete’s new song above on this page and enjoy his distinctive sound.