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Da Crook – Green Light




As promised, Da Crock delivers a hot music video for his new song “ Green Light.”

Forever Rolling produced the track, and the dope visuals are done by King Bee, who are definitely a dream team on this one.

Da Crook really delivers on “ Green Light,” with straightforward bars; he had to match the quick flow and upbeat rhythm.

In the beginning, the Toronto rapper disses some other rappers by saying that they are talking sh*t and that he has the biggest bag.

Da Crook is definitely one of those rappers that do not miss; each of his songs is better than the last.

 Fans love him because he changes his game and delivers something fresh every time you press “ play.”

If you are looking for the song of the day, don’t miss out on Toronto’s rappers and check out Da Crook’s “ Green light.”


Da Crook has been flexing this year, but since “ Back 2 Basics,” fans are eager to hear a buzz about a new album.

So far, Da Crook has been focused only on singles, but maybe one day, he will decide to take a step further and blow up his career.

Fun fact: If the name “ Green Light” sounds familiar to you, you are not wrong; Da Baby has a song called “ Red Light Green Light,” Young T has a collaboration, and Lil Durk has the song with the same name.

We just hope Da Crooks’s song will be as popular as the rest of them.

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Check out Da Crook’s new music video above on this page.

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