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Mad D – Press It

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Mad D releases a new official video for the song Press It

Mad D dropped his debut single just a few days ago for the new song Press It. The new name in the music scene and his project caught the audience’s attention, so almost 64 thousand people watched this video in just a few days. Mad D created exciting video content that went well with the lyrics and music. You can find the official video on Link Up TV’s official YouTube channel.

Visual is a dynamic story of meeting dangerous teams. In this visual, we can see how the rapper gathered with his dangerous team, which is masked and armed. Next to the rapper and his team are dogs that protect this dangerous team from their enemies. Mad D paid particular attention to a lot of great details. Mad D teamed up with his men and shot the visual in a great outdoor location where they enjoyed showing good cars, guns, money, and power. In cooperation with a great team, Mad D distinguished himself by creating a video that would resemble a trailer movie.

Mad D Press It

Mad D – Press It

Mad D has partially hidden his identity and what we can tell is that there are no scenes where the rapper is standing in front of the cameras and firing off his rhymes. The song parallels the exciting visual projection without much lingering on the rapper.

In addition to the interesting visual presentation of this song, the music is also an excellent project. In the background, we can hear that Mad D is not aggressive and robust; on the contrary, his rhymes sound very lovely and pleasant. And if this rapper has a deep voice, these rhymes in this light rhythm perfectly blend with the music.

A beautiful melody in the piano in the first bars prepares us for simple harmony and light chords that are repeated just like the melody heard in the background of the Mad D’ rhyme.

If you want to hear something new and refresh your playlist with a new sound, the song Press It is for you.

After the first listen, you will very quickly remember the lyrics and melody of the song, just like the color of the voice of this talented artist.

The audience liked the song and the visual, so we can see that this visual received many positive comments such as As an upcoming rapper, I can say your going places, Loved the vibe and more.

Due to the successful first presentation to the audience, we expect more new projects soon and some cooperation with other rappers. If you want to see when there will be a new song by this talented artist, subscribe to the Link Up Tv official YouTube channel, where this artist will soon announce his next project.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the new visual for the song Press It – click on the link below. Please let us know in the comments how you like the song and style of this talented artist Mad D.