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Road Runner – Spinladen ft. Smiley

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Road Runner collaborates with Smiley on a movie-like music video for “Spinladen”

On 19.4.2021 Smiley teamed up with Road Runner on a brand new collaboration called “Spinladen”. The Toronto rappers have managed to shine on their own and still make a wholesome vibe for the joint song.

Road Runner has been teasing the song for some time on this Instagram profile, stating that they have both worked hard to make this one a banger.

Road Runner starts aggressively at the beginning of the song, spitting some fast and dope rhymes while Smiley follows him in some more relaxed tone.

The music video has a movie vibe, as we can see the Hollywood sign while the rappers do their own parts in different surroundings. Road Runner is seen in some barely lit environment while his partner Smiley is seen in broad daylight. 

The scenography and the different verses may symbolize their different styles of music.


Even though he always wears some kind of ski mask to hide his face, his talent can’t remain hidden anymore.

Road Runner is best known for his hit single “Forever Alone” which went number one on the iTunes Hip-Hop chart.

On the other hand, the Toronto rapper Smiley has been in talks with Drake about a possible collaboration. This collaboration would be a really big boost for his career.

If you want to check the new collaboration by Road Runner and Smiley check out the video Spinladen on the page above:

Leave a comment down below if you think the two vibed smoothly on the song.

Quotable lyrics:
“ I chose to rep, was never really into sports

My ahki said go do a drill because they’re bored

He gets no pussy, so we get him through a whore, through a whore

We want war”