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Millz – Love Bird ft. CA7DO

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Millz drop out a new visual for a new song Love Bird

Another fantastic visual appeared on GRM Daily these days. The premiere of the new visual for the song Love Bird was on July 4, 2022. Millz did his new song team up with CA7DO. The rappers have created a song on your playlists this summer. Over 10,000 people viewed the visual in less than 10 days.

We are sure that the new visual will attract a lot of attention from the audience. Millz and CAR7DO created an excellent visual, which brings a positive summer vibe that moves the crowd. They shot the scenes for this video in a closed bar with two other attractive girls. The simple video highlighted all the other elements of the song.

At first, listen, you can notice that the brutally beautiful melody in the guitar brings a summer vibe. Unlike most songs, the song is richer in music and chords, so you still hear a richer harmony. We can say that this song is a nice combination of melody and hip hop.

The artists have different presentation styles, but this song perfectly matches. On Millz’s rhymes that hit the beat, CA7DO’s melody is gently followed, whose voice is captivating, and you will surely enjoy his parts of the song. Energetic and snappy rhymes, Millz fires off with ease.

Because of the fantastic music, this song will entice you to listen to it on repeat and completely move you into a summer vibe. Their collaboration in this song has a really good flow, and we are sure the song will achieve great success.

You can find Millz on Instagram under the name @millzfs. The rapper posts beautiful photos on his profile, mostly with some trips or events he attends. His latest post promotes his project with CA7DO. Millz posted a promo video and link in BIO, inviting the audience to check out his project and support his new song. If you are interested in seeing more interesting content, follow the rapper on Instagram.

Until now, we could hear Millz in several more brutal songs, where he made excellent results in collaboration with other rappers. Together with Teyzer and Phiz, he made the visual for the song Gimmie Da Drop, which over 114 thousand people viewed in 7 months.

CA7DO also promoted the song Love Bird and announced its arrival. Sharing the same promotional content, CA7DO invited the audience to support the song Love Bird, receiving many good comments. With this artist, in the Highlights Stoy posts, you can see all the content he published for each of his songs individually.

You can enjoy CA7DO’s beautiful melodic voice by listening to the songs he has released in the past. The song he released 2 years ago, Sweet Tooth, has over 84 thousand views on his official YouTube channel.

Click on the link below and watch this amazing video for the song Love Bird. Write in the comments how you like the collaboration of these two artists with different singing styles and if you would like to hear more songs together.