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Bugzy Malone – War Mode

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Bugzy Malone burn out the Internet with visuals for the song War Mode

Bugzy Malone decided to make a song to tell his story. The visual for the song War Mode delighted the audience. The video was published on October 7, 2021, and has been viewed by over 6.5 million people. The visual is on Bugzy Malone’s official YouTube channel. The song is an honest story that the audience recognizes, and that is the reason why the song became so popular.

Since Bugzy Malone was accused of causing serious bodily injury in 2018, a recently passed verdict that the rapper was acquitted of all charges, this was the inspiration for a story that Bugzy Malone told in his song War Mode.

The rapper wanted to show all the details related to that incident with this text and the video. In the video, we can notice alternating scenes where the rapper shows how he lives to the fullest in the highest level of luxury, driving luxury cars and flaunting himself in expensive restaurants. Scenes of his current life alternate with footage from the period when Bugzy Malone was accused.

With this song, the rapper expressed his feelings and plans for the future, but also how he felt while going through this difficult period.

The music is a hard sound with many simple chords in the background. The faster tempo perfectly fits the concept of the whole song and this life rhyme. The beat is strong and matches well with his fast rapping. You’ll enjoy almost 4 minutes of him spouting words without pause.

Along with the sound of the song War Mode, there are already several hundred interesting video contents on the TikTok platform. While YouTube bloggers have gone crazy for this song, you can find many video reactions to the song War Mode. Bloggers commented positively on the song, enthusiastic about the visuals.

Bugzy Malone has many views for his music on the Spotify platform, so his songs are listened to by over 3.6 million people a month.

This creative artist promotes his songs and new projects on his Instagram profile. In addition to music, Bugzy Malone is the founder of his clothing and footwear brand. On his Instagram profile, you can find a link to a site where you can view his creations. If you are interested in what other content and interesting things you can see, then follow the rapper’s Instagram profile and enjoy his content with his 1.3 million followers.

If you haven’t seen the song yet, click on the link below and watch the visual for the song War Mode. Please write in the comments how you like this story and visuals.

Read part of the text below:

I’m going in to war mode and that means I’ll do what the fuck I wanna (Yeah)
And I’m on some I don’t give a fuck who it belongs to (Yeah)
Track star, you wanna see the Lizzy that’ll run through
I’m a rap star now, but I’m a don too (deep it)