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Neema – Benz Truck

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Neema releases a new visual for a song Benz Truck

The premiere of the new visual for the song Benz Truck was on July 4, 2022. In a few days, 35 thousand people watched the video. The visual is on GRM Daily’s official YouTube channel. The song is a light flow you will enjoy on the first listen.

The visual is made as a black and white film in a modern version. Neema was filming scenes on an empty basketball court with two people from his team. The entire video is in black and white with simple scenes. The artist focused on the text and his emotion. The text is integrated with the visual and with great background music. We can safely say that this video is a combination of old-school and modern styles.

In the background, you can hear a slightly fast rhythm and chords that pull you to move. Rhymes in a faster rhythm sound good and give a good vibe. Neema has a very melodious and pleasant voice, which rhymes and sings. If you like combinations of different visual styles, then check out the video for the song Benz Truck.

The song Benz Track exists as a sound on the TikTok platform. In the last few days, we can notice that the number of new videos created with this song is growing. The number of listeners of Neema’s music on the Spotify platform is also increasing. More than 13 thousand people listen to the rapper’s music every month. The song is available on all platforms for listening to and downloading.

As the artist recently introduced himself to the public, he has already gained a new audience, which records an increasing number of fans daily. His first song and visual that he released is called DND. Over 84 thousand people have viewed this project in the 9 months since the song was released. On Spotify, the song DND has almost 200 thousand streams. 

After this successful presentation, the artist repeated the successful collaboration with the same production. 3 months ago, he published the visual for the song Again, which was viewed by over 115 thousand people, while on Spotify, this song was played over 150 thousand times. All his songs, including Benz Truck, were published by GRM Daily on the official channel and thus reached a larger audience.

You can find the rapper on Instagram under the name @103neema. The popularity of young artists is also growing on this platform, where the number of followers is increasing daily. On her profile, Neema promotes her music and publishes content related to her projects. 

Before the song Benz Truck was officially out, the rapper released a short promo video and several cover photos. With this content, the rapper announced the upcoming project, and when the visual was on the channel, the artist left a link in Bio and invited the audience to support his new project.

Click on the link below and check out the new Neema visual. In the comments, write how you like the video and which of his songs has thrilled you the most. If you want to follow his new projects, visit the GRM Daily official channel, where we expect a new project from this talented artist.