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Moula 1st – Olympic Mike

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The Toronto rapper dropped a song called “Olympic Mike” on 1.6.2021.

He wrote “Even Beethoven can’t face me” in the video’s description to tease his fans and rivals.

Moula’s work ethic is through the roof, and no one can deny that the rapper is being both creative and consistent with his music this year.

The most talked-about thing is definitely the music video, where Moula is seen on the basketball court, playing like Michael Jordan.

He is comparing his rap game to the legendary games of the one and only Michael Jordan.

He also shows made self-love when seen in the music video for the song sitting and watching his own music videos, which was a nice tease.

He even disses his fellow rap rivals saying that they are his sons and that they listen to him daily.

The flow and the beat don’t disappoint either, and many say that Moula is finally getting the respect he has earned, and why not flex a little?

This year is packed with music from Moula 1st

The young rapper had previously released a collaboration called “Should’ve ducked forever” with four more rappers.

He also surprised his fans with a live performance with his lifelong friend Pvrx.

It is still not completely clear if the artist will release an album to finish this year in the best way possible, but we can expect everything from him.

Check out Moula 1st’s music video above on this page.

Leave a comment down below if you think Moula is one the greatest Toronto rappers in the game right now.

Quotable lyrics: 

“The whole Toronto rap, my sons (Sons)

Everyone knows that I’m just better

And how long I play, I play for forever

Niggas wan’ hate, but it’s whatever.”