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J.G – NBA ft. Blaze Loc

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On 17.5.2021. Blaze Loc posted a music video for “NBA” ft J.G. on his YouTube channel.

J.G. and Blaze Loc literary rise again on the rap scene by suddenly dropping a brand new song.

J.G. and Blaze have not been active for some time, and the collaboration surprised their fans. They have said that 2021 will definitely be a year for good music, and we are so for it.

“NBA” has a very old school beat, reminding us of the first rap legends back in the day. The nostalgic melody is perfectly combined with some high-quality bars. 

The rappers sound great together, each of them having his own unique style and tune.

The music video just goes with the flow and perfectly matches the old-school vibe.

Blaze Loc has dropped “By Da Block” 6 days ago, and the video has already gained over 35K views. ” Respect for the love you have shown on this video,” says the rapper on his Instagram account.

The new generations maybe don’t know who J.G. is.

Jae Grimez or J.G. is best known to the older generations and rap lovers for his song “Extraordinary” ft Sam G, Money Marlo & Half. The collaboration premiered nine years ago, and today it has 128000 views on YouTube.

Recently he has dropped “Modie” as his comeback song, and he is ready to take on the rap scene once again.

Check out this unexpected collaboration of the two OG artist on “NBA” above on this page:

Do you think the rappers can make a great comeback with this new song?

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Quotable lyrics:

” I can come to your block,

and open a tannin’ salon,

This ain’t no stick,

It’s a wand,

Abracadabra, then your gone.”