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Pvrx – Onna Come Up (Freestyle)

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On 5.6. 2021. Pvrx dropped a freestyle called ” Onna Come Up” on his YouTube channel.

Even though the rapper called his new track “light work”, his fans are saying that the lyrics for the song are on some next level.

He even added a music video to make the project complete, but nothing can take the attention from the sick beat and the interesting lyrics.

One of the puns that the rapper pulled in this song is ” Nigga I HEAT up the streets when i’m setting the bar it ain’t Fair in height(Fahrenheit)”, and the song is packed with many more.

The last song the Toronto rapper dropped was ” Drill”, a fast track that many consider his best one so far. The song has been viewed more than 300.000 times.

The rapper has recently dropped a video from a live performance of the song, thus showing off his talent and drive for music.

May say that Daniel, known to the public as Pvrx, is the most underrated Toronto rapper and deserves way more attention. However, Pvrx does not bother at all; he is living his best life doing what he loves.

We are waiting for more live performances and maybe even an album that will finally turn this rapper into a worldwide superstar.

Check out Pvrx’s new freestyle and music video above on this page.

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Quotable lyrics:

” If I feel offended, he making the news,

my nigga we bending and breaking the rules,

nigga it’s war we making a truce,

I am waving a weapon and aiming at you.”