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Nagy Gogetta – Limelight ft. Lil Monte

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On 9.1.2021. Blue Feather Records dropped the music video for “ Limelight” by Nagy Gogetta ft. Lil Monte.

Toronto and Ottawa linked for this one, and they did something different, that is, a breath of fresh air in 2022.

The repetitions on the track match the melody perfectly, and they did an amazing job with the lyrics. The back to back rapping really got us missing the old days when this was popular.

They sound great together, and the best part is in the middle of the video when they are rapping back and forth while chilling at a parking lot.

Fans love the chorus, and we are starting to love this new driftwood generation of artists. You may like them or not, but they sound different, and their confidence is high.

The whole song has a smooth vibe, and Nagy Gogetta’s verse shows that she will soon become a star if she keeps grinding hard.

Naggy Gogetta dropped a song, “ We gon make it”, in 2021, and that was her debut hit that got people to like her. The music video reached 40k views.

Lil Monte dropped a new song, “ She like me”, so if you liked this one, go check it out as well.

Do you want to support the artists? Listen to their song and follow them on their IG pages below:

Check out the music video for “ Limelight” above on this page, and drop a comment down below if you like it.

Quotable lyrics:

“ He think he slime,

you gonna catch him in the

limelight, and them diamonds

they shine bright; I am busy 

tryna get my bag right, no I can’t waste

no, no, I can’t waste no time, but tell

them hoes fall in line.”