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Moula 1st – Assets Dehbout

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Moula 1st Goes Crazy On “Assets Dehbout”

A halloween drop comes from Moula 1st, this artist’s newest single “Assets Dehbout” is the right way to welcome in the new month and send October out with a bang. The Toronto rapper comes in with an extreme energy on a creative beat, making a deadly song for the end of the spooky season.

Moula 1st has been slowly blowing up in the 6 for the past several years now, early drops on SoundCloud include “Friend of Mine” and “Just be Yourself”. Now about 6 years old, the songs hold a few thousand plays each. But through sheer dedication and high output, Moula 1st now commands a vast catalog of popular tracks with hundreds of thousands of listens. “Tiger Blood 2”, “Bad News”, and “Plottin’ feat. YTG Codak” all have earned over 150,000 streams, with each track dropped bringing in a wave of new fans. In the role of both rapper and producer on many of his tracks, Moula 1st is a versatile creative making waves in the game.

With a sound from the streets and a love for his community, Moula 1st uses his strong vision, swagger, and unlimited creativity to develop amazing songs for his fanbase. “Assets Dehbout” joins the roster of many other amazing tracks, being one that you don’t want to miss out on.

Moula 1st Assets Dehbout

Moula 1st – Assets Dehbout

Back in Time for Halloween

Absolutely wild production on this one that matches Moula 1st’s exceptional style. FM synths forming the basis for the track, with brighter leads coming in and out as the song goes on. Moula 1st’s bars come with an aggression and humour that leave you hungry for the next with each sharp rhyme and devilish punchline. “Super trendy, tell Wendy’s to respect me” goes hard over the earth shaking 808s, “Depression who? I swear to god that don’t affect me” crashes through the choppy high hats and subtle clap. Swagger and charisma burst from these highly original lyrics, covering a great deal of sonic ground in a runtime of just under two minutes.

New Wave Visuals is responsible for the music video, which just like the bars conveys a sense of playfulness as well as a serious high-rolling lifestyle. Opening shots show the Keg and Wendys, going inside the latter to show Moula 1st performing in front of hundreds of red solo cups next to a model. Shots are scattered throughout the vid of luxury activities such as scanning a credit card in front of a 5 star hotel, enjoying a fancy dinner, and spending time in the hotel room with two beautiful women. The production value of this video is unreal, making it both entertaining and completely wild.

Moula 1st’s Instagram is filled with behind-the-scenes footage from his video shoots, live performance videos, and of course promo for his latest tracks. Peep “Assets Debout” today and see what it means to be “bougie ghetto”.