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NBA YoungBoy Faces Accusation of Dodging Mandated Drug Testing

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NBA Young Boy

And so the plot thickens; 21-year-old artist NBA YoungBoy reportedly evaded mandatory drug testing, supposedly scheduled for last January. The rapper claims that he was in a dental appointment, possibly for his new veneers, but has failed to reschedule ever since.

It has come to be known that his failure to comply with the provisions was a breach of his bond conditions agreed upon after his arrest back in September 2020 when he along with 16 others were apprehended for allegedly having possession of drugs and firearms. This allegation however, was vehemently denied by his lawyer at the time of his arrest in 2020 but the prosecutors think otherwise.

Authorities reported that the star had been complying with the conditions known to consist of daily curfew calls, random drug screenings, and monthly office visits up until recently when he began dodging mandatory drug testing schedules. YoungBoy was once again detained last March 22 after a police pursuit on foot after he refused to comply with their instructions. The star is said to return to court in April where his attorney would plead to call off his bond conditions however, things are not looking so bright after once again his discordance with the law.