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J. Coles Pen Game VS. Hoop Game

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J Cole

Cole’s recently released sixth studio album The Off-Season, has been generating the customary buzz and critical acclaim that one would expect from a project that has been nearly three years in the making by one of the culture’s most visible artists.

But something else apart from the highly anticipated LP has had social media absolutely buzzing lately and not necessarily in a good way. That something is Jermaine Cole’s recent professional basketball debut overseas.

When word first started circulating that J.Cole had signed a deal to play in the Basketball Africa League with the Rwanda Patriots, it was met with resounding optimism. With most non-casual fans being aware that Cole is an avid hoop fan and that he once harboured aspirations of even playing in the NBA after being a walk-on at St. John’s University’s Division I basketball program.

Fan’s hopes were however quickly dashed after Cole suited up and ended his second full game with a stat line of: zero points, zero assists, one rebound, one steal, and one block. This predictably brought out all trolls, who were quick to share videos online of the “Interlude” artist air-balling two three-pointers during the game.

It appears that the instant gratification generation has spoken, with the most common sentiment being: “Ay, at least J.Cole can rap”.