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Ngnsosikk – Walk Down ft. NgnRckless

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Ngnsosikk Walk Down Ft. NgnRckless official video is out now

Ngnsosikk did a fantastic collaboration with NgnRckless for Walk Down. The rapper released his new visual in April this year. The video for Walk Down is on the 6ixBuzz Premiers official YouTube channel. The artists have made a fantastic song, and we are sure you will love their new project.

Ngnsossikk and NgnRckless made this visual team up with Jamil Da Film Maker. The artists created a visual that follows the trends but also fits with the lyrics of this song. Scenes from the blue room alternate with scenes from the red light room. The video for the song Walk Down is rich, with lots of significant visual effects and great details. There are amazing scenes where in the background of the rappers there is their team dressed in black and wearing white masks over their faces.

The melody that is persistently repeated on the piano will make you remember the song immediately and move you after the first listen. You will enjoy almost 3 minutes of hard drill in this song without a break. The rappers did a brutal mix of their styles and fired rhymes like fire. This drill will surely leave you speechless.

This is not the only collaboration between these two talented young artists on the rise. Two years ago, the rappers released the visual for the song Real. Ngnsosikk has his distinctive rapping style; in each of his songs, he brings elements but remains recognizable. A year ago, they also completed another successful project. Namely, the rappers released the visual for the song Rainy Days, which also achieved great success, as did the song Walk Down.

Judging by the audience’s comments, the song Walk Down is their best joint project to date.

Ngnsosikk has been working on his new projects recently, and almost all of his songs have been released on 6ixBuzz Premiers. However, before releasing Walk Down, the rapper wowed the crowd with Pressure. Since its release, this song has received over 27,000 views.

The popularity of this rising star is growing on other platforms as well. For example, you can enjoy the rapper’s music on the Spotify platform. And on this platform, the number of people listening to his music is increasing daily.

On his Instagram profile, Ngnsosikk publishes content promoting his music and new collaborations. When the song Walk Down was officially released, the rapper posted promotional content on his Instagram profile and invited his audience to check out his latest song. Follow his Instagram profile if you are interested in more engaging content the artist publishes.

If you haven’t seen the new visual for the song Walk Down, click on the link and watch it. Please write in the comments how you like their collaboration and what is your favorite song of theirs so far. If you want to hear more good songs by this talented rapper, visit the official YouTube 6ixBuzz Premieres, where you can find most of Ngnsosikk’s songs.