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PGF NUK, American Artist, Age, Real Name & Bio

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Stage name: PGF NUK

Birth name: Antwon Fields

Age: 22 years old 

Height: 5 feet 8 inches

Place of birth: Englewood, Chicago

Instagram: pgfnuk

PGF Nuk, whose real name is currently unknown, is a highly regarded rapper from Chicago. He found success with his intense and gritty street tales, drawing inspiration from drill rap icons like Chief Keef and G Herbo. Nuk gained popularity in 2019 by sharing his music videos online, quickly capturing listeners’ attention. His viral fame came with hit tracks such as “It’s Nuk” and “Waddup.” In 2022, Nuk released his highly anticipated debut album, “Switch Music,” cementing his position in the rap game. The album showcased his versatility and included collaborations with artists like EST Gee, G Herbo, and various members of the Psycho Gang Family (PGF).

During his time in high school, PGF found solace and self-expression through the art of rap. Blending his studies with his passion for music, he showcased his lyrical prowess by uploading rap videos on Facebook. Astoundingly, within a brief span of three years, he managed to ascend the ranks and ultimately shared the stage with his hometown hero, Lil Durk. This achievement solidified his presence in the music scene and reflected his dedication and commitment to his craft.

Nuk was born and raised in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago, where his mother gave him a nickname. PGF stands for Psycho Gang Family, a collective established by Nuk’s crew in memory of their fallen friend Psycho. Growing up, Nuk crossed paths with influential artists such as G Herbo, Lil Durk, and Chief Keef, who played a significant role in his musical journey. Furthermore, Nuk is now related to Polo G through marriage, further solidifying his connections in the rap scene. Starting his rap career at 17, Nuk began sharing his videos on a dedicated channel in 2019, gradually gaining attention. His breakthrough came in 2021 with the success of “Waddup,” especially after releasing a remix featuring Polo G.

In 2022, Nuk’s musical evolution reached new heights with the release of his debut album, “Switch Music.” The project demonstrated his artistic growth and was met with critical acclaim. Collaborations with EST Gee, G Herbo, and other PGF members added depth and variety to the album, captivating audiences worldwide. In 2023, Nuk delighted fans with the standalone single “Blast Off,” further solidifying his creative prowess and leaving fans eagerly anticipating his next moves. With his unique blend of raw storytelling and unwavering authenticity, PGF Nuk continues to make waves in the rap industry, solidifying his place among the genre’s brightest stars.