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Zee Stack – A Lot To Say

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“A Lot to Say” is the Latest Track from British Rapper Zee Stack

The Norwood artist Zee Stack has just put out their latest single “A Lot to Say” on the GRM daily YouTube channel. This newest song is a chill R&B hip-hop joint that puts you in a relaxed state, and yet demands to be paid attention to. Tap in with this latest song and catch the moody vibes.

Zee Stack isn’t the most prolific artist in the world, but when he does release music it’s always a high-quality bop. “A Lot to Say” comes as the rapper’s fourth single of 2022, following his previous releases “1 into 2”, “Money Machine”, and the “Living Wild Freestyle”. All three of those tracks have hundreds of thousands of plays on Spotify, with some of his older songs even reaching the millions such as “No Days Off”, “Money Moves”, “Essence”, and its sequel “Essence 2”.

This young artist has a low-key, subtle flow with intricate rhyme schemes and an absolutely dope flow. A tour-de-force out of Great Britain, Zee Stack is making waves with his consistently excellent bangers.

Zee Stack A Lot To Say

Zee Stack – A Lot To Say

Cool Flows from an Up-and-Coming Artist

Instrumentally the track has a smooth, swimmy feeling. A reversed sample forms a dream-like backdrop for a superb swelling bass that comes surrounded by dozens of unique percussive elements. Zee Stack’s calm demeanor is contrasted by the speed at which he delivers line after line of immaculate bars. Each line gives off a melancholic and somber feeling, with the weight of his troubles coming through easily. Lines like “Prison’s where my guys end up/ Feeling like this life’s setup/think I need a holiday” show a vulnerable side to the artist, keeping you almost in a trance throughout the song.

A mansion is the main backdrop for the video, as the sun comes over the horizon and clouds fill up the English sky. Zee is seen rapping throughout the stylish crib, sometimes alone and sometimes accompanied by his crew. Most of his squad are seen wearing shirts that say “Paper Route the Mixtape out soon”, so I think it’s safe to say we can expect a longer project from this artist in the future. The video closes with some candid behind-the-scenes footage and shows a more lighthearted side to the artist, contrasting the heavy feelings on the song.

Zee Stack is on Instagram where you can see his latest drops and keep track of how the young artist lives his life. Check out the video for “A Lot to Say” and experience this amazing song for yourself!