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Axis Club In Toronto

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Axis Club In Toronto

The Axis Club Is Opening

Toronto’s new hot spot is opening September 9th. The home that was known as the Mod Club is now reopening and renamed as the “Axis Club”. Due to COVID-19. Mod club was once owned by Mark Holmes a member of a Canadian band “Platinum Blonde” which had a lot of hits in the 80s. So, it was only fitting he opened his own theatre for music and Canadian artists. Mod Club is famously known for hosting the first concert for “The Weekend” in 2011. And it then became a venue for upcoming artist in Canada. 

A lot of business chose to close or have decided to sale, due to the lack of business. A lot of business owners also fear that things will never go back to being the same, so it was better to sell and count their losses. 

However, the people of Toronto send a different message when they were alerted that the “Axis Club” would be the new hot spot.  With the upcoming two-day festival “All Axis” hosted by this venue has people in the GTA is excited. It will be a mixture and hybrid two-day festival which will be combine virtual sets on Happin and in-person performance for an intimate crowd due to COVID restrictions. 

The festival is said to be hosting local artist like Savanah Ré, DJ Shub, villabeatz, DijahSB and so much more.  The venue has new up-to-date lights, sound systems, and video system. The venue has been tremendously invested in “The Axis Club”, for the reopening. The new manager Orin Bristol spoken to “NOW” and mentioned hat “Axis Club will integrate  livestreaming into the clubs permanent identity even after the pandemic ends. 

Tickets are already on sale via Happin; $10 to $15 for online access and $25 per day for in-person performances. A percentage of sales will go to Unison Benevolent. This charity helps to provide counselling and emergency relief for people in the music community.