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Keep6ixsolid drops Paco’s “Wild”

On 9.6. 2021 Keep6ixsolid dropped a collab with Paco for the song Wild on their YouTube channel.

Keep6ixsolid is Toronto’s number one platform for the streets, and it is a home for Toronto’s music and culture.

The song and the music video were written and composed by Paco and produced By Smallz.

Paco asked his fans to get his last song, “No manners,” to 50k views, and he will ask Keep6ixsolid to drop the music video.

The melody and the song’s flow make it very interesting for the new listeners, and the visuals are mad.

The song’s melody has always been something Paco takes good care of; his two most trendy songs, “No manners” and “Clout,” can prove that.

He has also started to move up the ladder with his lyrical game, being cocky with his newly earned fame and glory, saying, “Got niggas tryna copy my style,” and etc.

The Toronto rapper also pays tribute to Duwop in his new songs. He says, “Lost Duwop, stopped eating meals.”

Paco also dropped a song called “Duwop” in 2020, and the music video has more than 30k views.

Is this an introduction to a new era?

There are still no signs of a new era from the Toronto rapper, but his consistency this year may lead to a possibility of an album in the making.

When we think the rapper is getting a break, he strikes us with a fresh new song to listen to.

Check out the new collaboration on “Wild” above on this page.

Leave a comment down below if you think they did an amazing job on this one.

Quotable lyrics:

“Ever since a child I was wild

These niggas tryna figure me out

Got niggas tryna copy my style

Yeah, yeah

I was just a wild lil’ child

These niggas tryna figure me out

Got niggas tryna copy my style”