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Qweezy & Dash Bridges – MOOD




On 27.9.2021. Qweezy dropped a collaboration called “Mood” on his YouTube channel.

The music video, which features both rappers, doesn’t have a lot of views, but don’t let that discourage you from listening to it.

The visuals are really cool, keeping in mind that both of the artists are underground.

There are a few bars that will blow your mind, and the whole song kind of has a chill vibe.

There is nothing that is too much on this song; you could listen to it a couple of times because it is not flashy.

If you are up to hearing something that will make you feel good and is not the same old same old, give “Mood” a chance.

Qweezy wrote on his Instagram profile that he is grateful for everyone who is with him on this journey and that the support means a lot to him.


Seven months ago, Qweezy’ released “Ballad of the Black”, where he showed off his talent and emotional side.

The song is definitely a masterpiece with a strong message, and it deserves a lot more views.

If Qweezy keeps up with the consistent releases, he will be noticed very soon, but don’t forget that these underground rappers need support.

His songs have meaning, a good flow and dope bars, so you won’t regret checking him out today.

Check out Qweezy’s and Dash Bridges new song “Mood” above on this page.

Leave a comment down below if you listened to “Mood” today and if you didn’t then make sure to!

Quotable lyrics:

“God knows I didn’t really have enough,

Shawty knows if she riding with me when 

it’s tough, but the all hoes gone,for the good,

never been the one to trust, but a beauty like you too clutch”.