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HotBlock Jmoe – 9 X OUTTA 10 ft. Tory Lanez

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HotBlock Jmoe and Tory Lanez bring out “9 X Outta 10”

Chicago artist HotBlock Jmoe brings in Canadian rapper Tory Lanez for their smooth new single “9 X OUTTA 10”. This sick new track brings a smooth R&B feel with some wild new bars from the two performers. A deadly combination to be sure, this record has a cool feel that showcases the talents of the two perfectly.

HotBlock Jmoe grew up on Sibley Blvd in Dolton, Illinois. The street has a negative reputation in the south side of Chicago and no doubt helped form HotBlock into the man he is today. Beginning to release music regularly just a few years ago, his single “Pressure” caught on with enough popularity to earn the attention of the label Velcro Records. Signing to them, Hotblock brought out his first 8-track project “Forever Relentless” in 2020. This album really showcased the rapper’s melodic and soulful style, setting him apart from the pack with his unique flows. The artist continued to release singles over the next few years including “Aladin”, “Song 1”, and his most streamed track so far “Long Road”.

Tory Lanez comes as the feature on this track, the Grammy nominated rapper elevating the second half of the song with his signature style. The two make an excellent pair on this record, so you should definitely tap into it and hear for yourself.

HotBlock Jmoe 9 X Outta 10

HotBlock Jmoe – 9 X Outta 10 ft. Tory Lanez

Cool R&B from a Talented Emerging Artist

Over a moody guitar sample, minimal drums and an extremely deep 808 create the exact right vibe for these artists to go off on. Jmoe comes in first with his husky singing voice, echoing in a swimming reverb over the track. He sings about keeping his hustle up, keeping his people fed, and going as hard as possible “9 X OUTTA 10”. Tory Lanez’s verse provides a contrast to the smokey lyrics, with a more rapid but still quite melodic flow. Speaking of the success he has earned today and what he worked at to get there, it’s a sharp verse that lets the song get more aggressive for a moment before HotBlock returns and finishes the tune.

Legit Looks put together the music video for this track, which takes on a predominantly blue colour scheme. The two artists perform around a massive mansion, with marble walls forming the backdrop for half a dozen beautiful women that accompany the rappers. Bottles are served from behind the bar and blunt smoke is put up into the air as Jmoe sings his verse, with the women joining Tory on the bed as he delivers his own bars. A feeling of luxury and success permeates the video, making it a great accompaniment to the track.

This one is definitely not something you can miss, and you definitely need to check out HotBlock Jmoe and Tory Lanez on Instagram to stay with their latest projects. “9 X OUTTA 10” is available to stream everywhere right now.