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Duvy – NIGHTMAREZ II (Video)

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Toronto Hip-Hop/Rap artist Duvy drops the new music video “Nightmarez II.”

Make some noise for this great Toronto performer and Hip-Hop/Rap artist, who is gaining more recognition each day. This stunning artist in his 20s really grows in the music industry and rise in fame, as his music is already racking up millions on YouTube – especially with his hit songs “NightmareZ,” “2 Sides of Me,” “How it is,” and others.

Before “Nightmare II,” Duvy released “NightmareZ” in 2020 on the 27, September – which became one of the most viewed music videos and his most streamed song on Spotify up to this day. The music video for “NightmareZ” is currently racking up more than 1.2 million views on YouTube – since its release. The person behind the production is King Bee, with whom Duvy cooperated on this project.

So, once again, Duvy teams up with King Bee to kick up this song high, as they did with the previous one. “Nightmarez II” officially premiered on March 18, 2021, and was directed by King Bee – as already mentioned – and produced by Young Cutta. This music video is 2:08 long and more than enough for you to see how natural and skillful he is while being in front of the camera. Also, you can hear what kind of talent this one has when it comes to performing rap music.

Many of his fans think about him as being one of the biggest Toronto rappers nowadays. He is already committed to everything he is doing and already has a sound that works. Since his music is available on many platforms, his fans have high hopes that Duvy will reach out to more audiences sooner or later.

Stay tuned for more to come, and stream Duvy’s music including “Nightmares II” on all available platforms when you need to have some good vibes.