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Play4Funds – Butterfly

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After teasing the music video on his Instagram profile, the young Toronto rapper releases his new “Butterfly” single on 22.4.2021.

The flow of the song is really dope, and the underground rapper smoothly included his rapping into the chill vibe of the music. The video complements the song perfectly, in a way that it doesn’t drag the attention from the young artist.

In the song, he raps about his life and his struggle with finding love in today’s world. He also mentions his struggle to present his music to the world.

If you don’t  know the young rapper has introduced himself to the rap scene with his first single “ Spinnin’ “

three months prior to “ Butterfly”.

Is Play4Funds the next big thing with Butterfly?

The people that enjoy Toronto’s underground rap left comments that the song is dope and that it deserves more views. He spits clear raps so he will be a refreshment to the Canadian rap scene that is full of the so-called mumble rappeers.

The video was premiered on the 6ixBuzz Youtube channel, and it is estimated to get more views and likes than his first song “ Spinnin’” that was dropped on his personal Youtube channel.

If you want to give that extra motivational boost to the rising Toronto artist follow his Instagram page:

Don’t fly away without checking out the new single “ Butterfly” by Toronto’s Play4Funds in the link below :

Quotable lyrics:
“ It is hard to make music,

when I never signed a deal,

cause  if the feds ever caught me,

I kept my silence and that is real,

I came home to my savages, and

got right back in the field”

Leave a comment right below if you think that this video deserves more recognition. Feel free to watch the video again above.