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B-Lovee x 150 EBK x COE Wiki – BACK IN BLOOD PT 2

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B-Lovee, 150 EBK, and COE Wiki bring out new song “BACK IN BLOOD” PT 2

Back in blood PT 2 is being listened to intensively on all platforms. The song was released on June 7, 2022, and has over 100,000 views in one week. B-Lovee’s pieces are known for reaching incredible amount of views at high speed.

You can find the song on the official 150 EBK YouTube channel.

The video is of high quality and modern production. The video is conceived as a mini film, in which the main actors (singers) are presented individually at the beginning of the recording. At the end of the video, they singled out important people who participated in creating this work. The video alternates scenes with the team in the city and beautiful locations overlooking the town.

This video shows artists rapping at breakneck speeds over unusual samples and factoring in call-and-response methods. Still, the effect is hypnotic, particularly because those samples add to the mood rather than distract from it. The melody and rhythm very easily enter the head and draw the listeners to listen to the song several times.

Their voices are as if they were created for this song. They fit in so well and emphasize the lyrics and rhythm so that the music leaves you breathless. We hope that there will be a continuation of this story in one of the next songs.

Their rap in this song is amazing, and their fans and audience commented on it on all social networks. When a drill as a subgenre appeared in Chicago in 2010, there weren’t that many good rappers who could handle this. Today, the drill is widespread everywhere, and B-Lovee stood out in this genre.

The song is out on all platforms and has a lot of streams on Spotify. TikTok is not far behind either. These days, the number of new videos on TikTok is growing, mostly as a part of the song published by their fans.

With his promotional video on his Instagram profile, B-Lovee informed his fans that the song had come out and invited them to watch the video. This song is great preparation for something new that this talented rapper has prepared. From July 16, 2022, you can go to the B-Lovee UK TOUR and hear one of the three big performances in London, Birmingham, and Manchester.

At these performances, the audience will be able to hear his songs from previous years, such as “IYKYK,” with which he became especially famous among the audience.

150 EBK and B-Lovee also informed the audience and fans that the song came out and that they should listen to it. He has prepared more new songs for us, which he is publishing these days; visit his Instagram profile, follow him and see which pieces have already been released.

For all those who are not, it is recommended that you listen to the song of these brilliant rappers immediately and leave a comment below the video. If you want to know more about their music, we recommend following their official YouTube channels.