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Road Runner – NO!

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New video for  Road Runner’s song NO – is now out!

In the 3 days since Road Runner released the video for his new song NO, it has been viewed more than 15,000 times. Road Runner posted this video on its official YouTube channel.

Among the many comments the audience leaves enthusiastic about the song and the video, there was a comment from Road Runner. In the comment below his song, the rapper invited everyone to like the comment and subscribe to his official channel.

The inspiration for this video and this song comes from his younger days. Road Runner had problems with the law at a young age because he lived on the street. The wrong way of life changed the day his friend was killed. He uses the past as inspiration and thus creates new songs. This song is just a story about a dirty way of life and revenge.

At the very beginning of the song is the repetition of the word NO almost twenty times. NO melody is such a light melody that creeps into your head, and you can sing it all day long. His voice is recognizable; Road Runner has a slightly different voice color than other rappers we listen to daily.

The rapper shot the video on the street, and the scenography is precisely reminiscent of his life in the past. Surrounded by a lot of money, people, cars, police, and all that on the street, he conveyed the picture of that way of life and how he used to make money.

How much his way of life has changed is also told by highlights on his Instagram profile called Lifestyle, where he keeps pictures that he puts on his everyday life.

Fans have been looking forward to the video for 3 weeks, as Road Runner then announced that the video would be out soon. The rapper is very active on his Instagram profile. You can follow him to be informed about current events concerning his life, performances in front of an audience, new videos, etc. The audience is thrilled and constantly writes and leaves comments below the video on both YouTube and his Instagram profile.

The rapper is also viral on the social network Tik Tok and is constantly releasing new videos.

If you haven’t arrived, but if you have, play Road Runner’s new song, leave comments and subscribe to his YouTube official channel. You can see and listen to more of his great songs that came out in one year on his channel. We hope we will soon be happy with some more great songs, such as the song NO.

Read below part of the text of this Road Runner’s hit NO:

I’m in the trap and I’m trapping for sure
I’m perking my bitch and I ain’t talking ‘bout ho’s
The middle of summer, I’m making it snow
I’m cooking up bags and it’s ready to go
I love the gang so I stick to the code
The gang love me back so they ready to blow