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TwoTiime – Did A Lot




TwoTime came a long way since his first drop; he went from the boy from the hood to World Star Hip Hop releasing his latest song, “ Did a lot “.

The song has dropped on 13.8.2021. and it already has over 170k views on World Star Hip Hop’s YouTube channel.

Many say that the music video deserves some awards because the visuals shot in the rapper’s hood are out of this world.

The shooting of the music video has a dope background story that the young rapper posted on his TikTok.

Apparently, while shooting the music video, they were interrupted by the police because of an allegation that someone was carrying a gun.

TwoTiimes said that nobody was carrying a gun and asked his fans to stream the song and post it everywhere so that the cops can hear it wherever they go.

TwoTiime talks about his experience with living in the hood, and you really get to see his improvement with his pen game.

He knows how to combine a dope beat with a flow that will have you listening to the hit song for days.

If you are into old-school music, with sick bars and good visuals, don’t forget to take a look at TwoTiime and his music.

So far, he has released only a couple of songs, and “Hood Cry” takes the crown as his most successful one so far.

Check out TwoTiime’s new music video above on this page:

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Quotable lyrics:

“ We came from the slums, so we bound to have it different

What you know bout’ bodies dropping on the fucking daily

And I just can’t sit comfy with these niggas out to get me

I know they plotting, praying that they catch me slipping. “