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TwoTiime – Juice

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TwoTiime Comes Back With A New Single 

After releasing a bomb single, “Did A Lot”, that reminisced on the rapper’s turbulent life events, TwoTiime is back to surprise us with a new music video of his single titled “Juice”. The rapper says that this single is for all those people who are going through a hard time.  

TwoTiime produced this song with Almighty Nate, VVS Melody, and his frequent collaborator GloryGainz. The theme of this song is how people depend on alcohol and weed to numb their pain, even though they know that transient ecstasy won’t solve their long-term problems. As this is a common practice people use to overcome their grief, millions of listeners worldwide relate to this song deeply. 

The rapper explained that the song is fast-based, and they tried to keep it clean. While TwoTimee raps the lyrics laced with emotion, strong beats play in the background. Moreover, the music video shows the rapper and other men casually hanging around, riding cars and dancing. While watching the video, we could feel energetic vibes radiating through the screen. Other than that, we have to say that the visual effects in the music video were incredible! 

About Him

TwoTiime makes the most of his tough times, and he creates music that people can relate to. He always ends his songs on a positive note, reassuring listeners that there is always some light at the end of the tunnel.

He recently became the first Canadian rapper who signed a deal with WorldRecords. His song “Juice” is the second single he released through this label. It hasn’t been a day since he released it, and the video already has 36K views and 1.6K likes. You can add his songs to your playlist on Apple Music or Spotify.

Comment below your favourite TwoTiime single, and do mention how/why you relate to his songs.

Quotable Lyrics 

“And I swear my family hate me

So I been on this juice more than lately

Motivation for the youth I know they rate me

Swear I could never let these pussy niggas take me”