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SR & Poundz – What’s Good

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SR AND Poundz drops out a new official video for the song What’s Good

SR did a fantastic collaboration with Poundz when they did a new song called What’s Good. The premiere of the new visual was on July 21, 2022. The rappers made a hard sound that became a banger in a short time. In several days, the song was viewed by almost 1.8 million people. The “What’s Good” visual is on GRM Daily’s official YouTube channel.

William Thomas, who directed the video, is responsible for this energetic dispute. The rappers gathered with their partners and recorded a visual that burns with good energy in several locations. In addition to their masked crew dancing to the rhythm of their rhymes, the audience can enjoy the scenes of many attractive women who follow this rhythm. Unlike SR, Poundz hid his identity with a mask, just like most crew members.

If you listen to something that will raise your energy to the maximum, the song What’s Good is the right song for you. With a brutally good rhythm at a fast pace, the rappers throw out rhymes with a lot of passion, and we can enjoy their strong drill without a break. In the background, there are repeated chords along with a simple melody.

These two talented artists have a similar rapping style, and their energy blended beautifully in this song, which the audience could feel.

The song delighted bloggers on YouTube, where in every video reaction, you can see their enthusiasm, but also how quickly and efficiently everyone connected with this energy. Recently, there has been an increasing number of video reactions to this song, which has attracted a lot of attention from the audience.

The people of TikTok have also attempted the energetic dance of the rappers and their crews. These days, many great video content with the sound of the song What’s Good appears on this platform, and this content already has over 400 thousand views.

SR promoted his new project with Poundz on his Instagram profile. When the song was officially on the GRM Dailly channel, he posted a short video and invited followers to watch the new visual. A few days ago, SR boasted about the great success of this song and wrote with enthusiasm that the song received a million views in just 6 days, which only says that the song What’s Good is a banger.

Click on the link below and watch the new visual for the song. Write in the comments how you like the new song and the visual and whether you like the collaboration of these two artists.

Read part of the lyrics below:

And if you get cooked then I’m gonna move shook ’cause I know that the jakes are about in the hood
Cooked like breakfast, man split him in two like Tetris
Waps out, arms out, man press this
Made a bad B fly down from Texas (Switch)
I’m like, “Hold up, shorty”, the kickback from the mash, real sporty