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Tay Roc – Almost 50

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Tay Roc releases a new visual for the song Almost 50

The song Almost 50 is finally out & Tay Roc delighted the audience with his new song and he’s getting a lot of great comments not only from the audience but also from his colleagues. The official video premiere for the song Almost 50 was on August 2, 2022. Over 115 thousand people watched the song in 3 weeks. The visual is on Tay Roc’s official YouTube channel. You will surely enjoy the rapper’s new visual because this visual is full of interesting effects that will delight you.

AceDaKhemist produced, and Ariq Nixon shot the visual for the Tay Roc song. As you can see, the visual is full of severe effects that focus on elements of the song that the rapper wants to emphasize, but also some elements that are not so important in the text of the song but certainly contribute to the quality of the visual content. Interestingly, in this visual, we can see a rapper who enjoys his money and, together with his people, proudly shows that money to the camera. He wants to tell him how he lives now and how much he earns. The crew had a great time filming the visual for the song Almost 50, And you can see how all the rappers are enjoying filming this content while relaxing in a cosy backyard of a weekend house.

Already in the first beats, the music is very intriguing and intense. With strings and choral voices, the rapper achieves a certain mysticism and slowly introduces us to a strong beat. The melody intertwines with the melody of the voices from the first bars while the rhythm repeats, so this song is easy to remember. What’s harder to remember is the tremendous lyrics, and Tay Roc delivers these lyrics with fervour rapping non-stop for the rest of the song.

A few days ago, the rapper boasted on his Instagram profile the great success that the song Almost 50 brought him, namely the first 100 thousand views on YouTube.

The song Almost 50 is the perfect warm-up for what this talented artist has in store. On August 19, the long-awaited album titled No Entourage Season 2 finally appeared on his official channel. There are 12 brutal songs on his latest album. This album is characterized by the fact that you can hear 12 great collaborations with other artists such as Jagga Josh, Ceo Cents, Reek Ruger and others.

If you want to follow the promotion of the rapper’s new project, then be sure to follow his Instagram profile, where these days, Tay Roc shares the most content related to the new album. The popularity of this talented artist is growing even more on Instagram, so over 237 thousand followers follow him on this platform.

If you haven’t watched the video, click on the link and write your comments on how you like the new visual. Write to us in the comments if you have listened to the new album and which is your favourite collaboration on this project.

If you haven’t listened to the new album or want to hear more of the rapper’s music, you can find it on his official YouTube channel, which has over 10,000 subscribers.