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Derez De’Shon – Dirty Mirror

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 Derez De’Shon releases a new visual for the song Dirty Mirror

Derez De’Shon has done a great new visual  for the song Dirty Mirror on August 9, 2022. The video has received almost half a million views so far. Derez delighted the audience again with a very interesting visual and a beautiful sound. The visual is on Derez De’Shon’s official YouTube channel.

The visual will interest you in the first seconds when the rapper starts writing a letter. You will see the letter’s content and to whom it was written only at the end of the story. With lots of exciting footage shot in a family setting, see what Derez De’Shone sees in the mirror. The visual is a real-life story, so that’s precisely why the audience connected so well with the whole story.

The song Dirty Mirror is one moderate note in light movement and simple rhythms. The melody stands out from the beginning, and as Derez De’Shon has a beautiful and melodious voice, you will quickly remember this sound. We can hear a charming smooth backing vocal through Derez’s voice that gives the song a lounge sound. We must also notice a lot of beautiful chords and an excellent arrangement with several different layers of sound, which is usually missing in the songs we’ve been listening to lately.

This talented artist has many great songs and several albums, contributing to his growing popularity. In addition to the music projects on the official channel of this rapper, we can see that in the last few months, he has been very active in recording and publishing short vlogs. His videos are concise and mostly follow some TikTok trends that are current at the moment.

His audience likes this kind of content and thus gets to know the rapper differently; therefore, this segment of his content has many views on his channel.

In addition to TikTok videos and vlogs on YouTube, the rapper is very active and regularly uploads new content to his Instagram profile. Derez De’Shon has almost 800k followers and is fast approaching his first million followers on this platform. In addition to his new songs and exciting photos, the rapper informed his followers about upcoming performances and concerts. The rapper has two big performances in August, the first live performance on August 13 and another right after. On August 20, the artist performed with Mykko Montana and Toon as part of Forest Par day.

If you want to see more new performances or concerts, follow the Derez profile, and stay up to date with all the news the artist publishes.

If you haven’t seen the new visual, there is a link on the page. Please tell us in the comments how you like the lyrics, the music, the visuals, and what Derez De’Shon’s favourite song is.

Read below the lyrics of the song Dirty Mirror:

I’m just talking how I’m feeling God

And if I’m wrong please forgive me God

For all my bullshit and my sinning God 

I’m having visions God