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Acito – 3:38 ft. 3300PQ

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Acito and 3300PQ Let Loose on “3:38”

Californian artist Acito has brought out yet another single “3:38” from his latest album, joined by 3300PQ. Another classic track from this inspiring artist, “3:38” blows the roof off with its hard hitting 808s and fiery verses from the two rappers. A definite must-listen for any fan of hip-hop music.

Acito comes as an artist who just can’t seem to stop putting out awesome tracks. Debuting in 2020 with his song “72 Bars”, the tune holds over 1.3 million streams on Spotify alone. Several of his other songs as well have surpassed the million stream mark including “Stockton”, “100K”, and “Still Jumpin”. 2022 has been going well for Acito so far, as along with his many singles he has released two EPs: “High Tide” and “Low Tide”. This rapper clearly is reaching new levels of success with each project he puts out. This latest single “3:38” is another banger off of his new album “Undefeated”, following up the equally fire song “Dead Man”. A devastating track, this is one you can’t miss out on.

Brought on for a verse on “3:38” is fellow rapper 3300PQ. Another talented artist, 3300PQ has been featured on several other tracks including those by Neezzo and TFT Angelo. As well he has put out his own track “Swampland”, which has airy and intimidating flows that he brings to the table on his “3:38” verse.

Acito 3:38

Acito – 3:38 ft. 3300PQ

Making it to the Top or Die Trying

Cinematic violins and piano are sampled for the instrumental, giving the vibe of a mafioso that suits the style of Acito perfectly. When the 808 comes in, Acito begins spitting relentless bars about intimidating his enemies and being aware of those who are all talk and no action. His style is aggressive despite his laid back delivery, with vocal layers on every punchline making them pop through on the track. 3300PQ takes the second verse and keeps up the intense mood of the song, continuing the theme of standing as a real one amidst a sea of fakes. “They talking real tough ‘till we butt heads” and other cold bars are delivered almost playfully, elevating the second half of the song to new heights.

A feeling of an old-school cypher covers the video for this track, which is directed by TinoShootSum. It has an elegant simplicity to it, with the whole concept being the two rappers performing in front of a group of their peers. Despite this the energy of the visual is unreal, with both artist’s personalities shining through easily. A testament to their performance abilities and talent.

Instagram is the place to look out for Acito and 3300PQ, both rappers posting regularly their exploits and promotion for new singles. Acito’s album “Undefeated” is out right now and is proving to be a real touchstone in the rapper’s career so far, so check out the video for “3:38” right now!