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KountUpWitDaK – No Passes

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KountUpWitDaK drops out a new official video for the song No Passes

The premiere of KountUpWitDaK’s new song “No passes” was on June 29, 2022. In this short time, the new official video was watched by over 70 thousand people. Visual is on the KountUpWitDaK official channel. The rapper made a fantastic and dynamic song with a brutally good visual preset. Judging by the audience’s comments, this song will be heard a lot this summer.

This creative video content goes to Jarico2x, who created an intense story for the visual of the song No Passes. While KountUpWitDaK is sitting at the poker table with his team, scenes of one of the team members being tied to a chair alternate. You can see how this poker game ended at the end of the video. This visual caused a lot of attention from the audience. Through poker, the rapper wanted to show who is in charge, who passes, and who does not. This visual is so good that you will feel like you are watching a good movie.

Music and rhythm are energetic variants with good beats in the background. Simple chords and a good melody are perfectly blended into the rhymes and the excellent lyrics of the song No Passes.

KountUpWitDaK delighted its audience again with this creative and dynamic visual content. If you’re into an energetic song, then you’ll enjoy No Passes.

This talented artist has recently released a major project, his album I Waited. This album contains 15 outstanding songs, of which the songs Baba and Real stand out. The visual for Back Door was released right after the album. This song is on his album, but the visual attracted much more attention. The rapper made this song in collaboration with CEO Tralye, and the visual for this song received almost half a million views.

After this album, the rapper worked intensively on new collaborations and released several new songs for which he made visuals.

KountUpWitDaK on Instagram follows over 40 thousand people with whom the rapper regularly shares his music and plans for future projects. A few days ago, the artist announced on his Instagram profile that his next album was coming to an end and published the list of songs as well as the cover photo of the album. His next album will have 14 tracks. For this album to go over as well as possible with the audience, a few days ago, KountUpWitDaK asked his followers to write to him which of the songs they wanted to see a visual for.

If you want to participate in selecting a new visual for his album, check out the rapper’s profile and choose songs with other followers.

Click the link below to watch the new visual for No Passes. If you want to hear more of his music, you can find it on his official YouTube channel. Follow his official channel and be among the first to hear his new songs from the eagerly awaited album.