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Trillmali New Song “Therapy” Is Out Now

On 26 September 2021, 6ixBuzz Premieres featured another Toronto rapper, Trillmali, in his music video for the song ‘Therapy.’

It appears that the song is the depiction of his own life. He tells what he has been through and how he hid all his pain. To him, bearing the pain of the heart is the most challenging thing ever.

His song is just fire and a bang in the rap industry. Toronto is filled with underrated rappers. Trillmali is a new rising talent. In his video, his vibe and the music come along in such a remarkable way. 

The locations used in the music video also complement the rap. The theme is outclassed. The cinematography is just like seen in ordinary rap songs. But that camera shake after every 2-3 seconds is giving such a relaxed vibe. The song has more power due to its lyrics. 

Teens can relate to this track the most, which is why most of his audience constitutes teenagers. By listening to this track, you can find those things that can be therapeutic in such painful situations when someone has messed up with your heart. 

The open-up line has the whole vibe that this song is so next level, that is:

‘Smoking like a rockstar.’

More About The Artist

Trillmali is the Toronto rapper who started officially in 2019 with his song ‘Cold-hearted slime.’

His other song, ‘Blackout,’ was also mesmerizing. When you listen to his songs, you can relate to them so much. This is why he stands out among most of the rappers who talk about unrealistic things. Trillmali depicts reality and truth in his rap. 

Follow and support him on Instagram @trillmali 

If you have not listened to his song ‘Therapy,’ rush to the 6ixBuzz Premieres Youtube channel. Link to the song is also available on his Instagram bio.