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Lil Montè – Foul

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Lil Monté’s New Song ‘Foul’ Is Out Now

‘Foul’ by Lil Monté’s official music video was premiered on September 26, 2021, on his YouTube channel. The song is directed by @chiboki, and he killed this song.

With this song, it is evident that Lil Montè is going to be a tough competition for fellow rappers. The game of his lyrics is so strong in this song. In the music video, there was also little use of animation, which made the final video look bomb. Cinematics itself is also excellent. 

The track hits hard and is so different. The track is challenging to sing, but he did a great job. So, it would be best if you needed some time at first to understand the lyrics. 

Lil Montè is shining after making this masterpiece. The song has more of a profound meaning than that of a superficial one. This song shows how Lil Montè takes things and how he thinks. 

The song has a friendly vibe, not like traditional rap songs revolving around a girl. He came up with something different. So, this song might change the rapping styles of various rappers who get inspiration from him. 

More About Them

Lil Montè is a great rapper. He has not been consistent since he started, which might be the reason for his lower popularity. But the people who listen to him always wait for his new song. If he stays consistent, then he could be the next face of Toronto rap music. 

You will be shocked to know that he was a photographer at first, which was his hobby. Now he shifted to rapping a few years back. He has been doing wonders since then. 

He can be found both on Spotify and Apple Music. His videos are on YouTube too.

The ‘Foul’ music video can be seen on his YouTube channel Lil Montè.