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Trottie Y Gizzle – The Jungle

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On 26.1.2022. Trottie Y Gizzle dropped a music video for his new single “ Jungle” on his YouTube channel.

Trottie Y Gizzle releases “The Jungle” off his next mixtape, which will be on all platforms soon. Trottie switched his style on this fan, and we are excited to see if this will be the vibe of the whole mixtape.

Trottie is always full of surprises, and “ Jungle” is not an exception, a cool beat with mad bars and great energy, all packed up in one song. He is not just a drill rapper; he spits real facts and talks about pain in every song.

If you are into drill artists with dope bars, then you shouldn’t miss out on Trottie and his new track “ Jungle.”

The Jamaica Plain artist has big plans for 2022, and “ Jungle” is just the beginning. One month ago, he released “ Battle Scars”  despite being locked up. Trottie is persistent and consistent, and he doesn’t want to miss his shot.

His first song in 2022 is not “ Jungle”, but a collaboration with  TG Crippy, which is called “ Jump Out Gang”.

The collaboration is a perfect mix of Boston and New York, and we hope Trottie has some collaborations on his new mixtape.

Follow Trottie Y Gizzle on his IG profile below, and show some love for his new single:

Check out Trottie Y Gizzle’s new music video above on this page, and leave a comment if you can’t wait for his new mixtape.

Quotable lyrics:

“I made it out alone,

niggaz mad at me, so, 

at least my grandmother is 

mad happy, and you two keep

throwing bags at me, so if you 

want you a feature nigga you got

to cash out me.”