NorthSideBenji – Keep Runnin’


NorthSideBenji has dropped a music video for “Keep runnin,” and the song has over 50K views already.

This video will become very popular soon if people finally notice how much talent and diversity the young rapper offers.

Probably one of the best visuals of the year for “Keep runnin,” the quality and the vibrant colors are out of this world.

We notice a piano sample and some drums in the beginning, but NorthSide soon jumps on the beat, and he fully delivers with his rhymes.

To pay tribute to his lost brother, he wears Houdini’s bag in every video, and we can definitely hear the pain in his voice.

Just imagine what Houdini could have brought to this song; these two would have gone viral instantly.

His flow is always clean; his lyrics are always on point; he just misses consistency with his music.

It has been years since his last solo release, but the young rapper proves that he is still at the top of his game.

If you are tired of hearing the same old music, don’t miss out on “Keep runnin,” you won’t regret it.


North Side Benji apologizes for the wait and teases “The Extravagant Collection” that will drop on 22.10.2021.

If” Keep running” is this good, we can’t wait to see what else NorthSide Benji has to offer.

Check out NorthSideBenji’s new track “Keep runnin” above on this page.

Leave a comment down below if you think “Runnin” is the best song you have heard in October.

Quotable lyrics:

“Flying this shit like a eagle,

I cannot fuck with these people

Ain’t anybody he ever defeat,

When you stepping on shit like a beetle,

Throwin’ hundreds and ones at the ceiling.”