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Grainz North – Aint Cool

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Grainz North Released The Music Video “Aint Cool”

On 20/9/2021, Grainz North has uploaded a new YouTube video on his channel for the song “Aint Cool,”

Grainz North’s “Money Up” track has been in our minds, yet he surprised us again with another of his amazing tracks, “Aint Cool,” a hip-hop rap song.

The young rapper is seen in his newest single chilling with his homies around the city.

In this song, Grainz emphasizes that ditching friends isn’t cool at all. Friends have been through thick and thin together, so these things do no good to anyone.

You can vibe on this track the whole day. Grainz North’s rapping game is getting stronger, and his lyrical skills keep getting better with “Aint cool.”

More About Him

Grainz North has some amazing songs that might end up getting added to your playlist.

Grainz North is a young and charming rapper from Toronto. The amazing thing about this guy is that he is not only a rapper but also a songwriter. All his mesmerizing raps are self-written.

His struggle is now paying him with his popularity. Do check out his songs, and we are sure you will end up being a fan of this guy.

He has got some of the best lyrics tracks like “Make A Mill, “Intent, and “lncline.”

The intent has been a big hit with about 185k views on YouTube, and his fans are hyped up; they think he is now putting his best work and expressing his creativity to the full.

Look into his new song “Ain’t Cool,” featured on the page above.

Comment below if you think his track should get more attention and deserves to be a big hit. To express your gratitude and to show your support, follow him on social media as  @grainznorth.