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WowdyHBTL “Hit The Ground” ft. Sha Ek & Pj Glizzy

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On 19.1.2022. WowdyHbtl dropped the music video for “Hit the Ground” ft. Sha Ek and Pj Glizzy.

The visuals are amazing, they get you stuck to the screen immediately, but they don’t take the attention from the mad lyrics. You have to listen to the song a couple of times to catch all the bars.

The Bronx rapper decided to share his vision with Sha Ek and Glizzy, and they sound great together. Their styles are similar, but they are all unique, and you can feel their different energy and flow throughout the song.

Wowdy dropped some cool bars on this track, but he left the space for Sha and Glizzy to shine. Sha Ek is a proper drill artist, and we are surprised by his potential. PJ Glizzy fits in perfectly in this crowd, and we wish he had more singles out.

Sha Ek dropped a new song yesterday, and his lyrics are getting better and better. He killed the beat on “Hit the Ground,” and we hope he will collaborate with Wowdy once again.

The “Touch the Ground” sample is nasty and perfectly fits the atmosphere; the rappers did an amazing job. 

If you want something fresh to put on your list, don’t skip this song and see why it already has almost 150k views. All free of them are equally superior, and they will run drill music in the Bronx soon.

Check out the music video for “Hit the Ground” by WowdyHbtl, Sha Ek, and Pj Glizzy.

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Quotable lyrics:

“I call shawty; you can’t stop me

be careful spinning that block like

a holly, Imma stay hit with the view

of a shawty, why they mad that we smoking

on body.”