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Ys DZ – Heart Cold

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Tha PraddaG’z dropped the music video for “Heart Cold” by Ys DZ.

On April 1st YS Dz dropped the music video for his new track “Heart Cold” on Tha Pradda G’z YouTube channel.

He is consistent with his new releases, and after “Relentless“, we get a whole new vibe with “Heart Cold”. The track is packed with dope bars and punchlines, but the melody is what gets stuck in your head.

This is just a track that you can listen to all day, and you can bump to the chorus when you are riding in the car. The energy that the young rapper brings to every song is just amazing, and we can see he loves what he does.

One of the best bars off the track is: “Cuz my opps pussy ain’t got no ball they go for miskeens not da dawgs”. The rapper just has a way with words, and he picks the most chill melodies and turns them into rap bangers.

If he keeps up with these fire singles, Ys has got a bright career ahead of him. This music video has around 2k views on YouTube, but it deserves way more. You can listen to the track on other platforms as well, but don’t miss out on “Heart Cold”.

Even though the rapper says his heart is cold, he brings light to the rap game with these new vibes.

Check out the music video for by Ys Dz, and drop your favorite bar in the comment section below.

If you want to follow the rapper on IG, we dropped the link down below:

Quotable lyrics:

“Give me the top, river not

working, you know, straight drop

cropping nose, heart cold,

 put that beam on the glock,

I see an opp, everyone in shock.”