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KHEM – Schemin’

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Khem & Known Shooter drop Schemin’ the Short Movie.

On April 1st Khem dropped the movie-like music video for his track “Schemin'” off his new album “Trapped In”. The four-minute short movie gives the track a whole new dimension, and we love how Khem put all of that together.

Khem told his fans that he worked days and nights to put this amazing project together, and we believe him because it is top-notch.

The track is kind of moody, with a dark and gloomy atmosphere around it, and the short film matches it perfectly. On the track, Khem talks about his personal life and his path in the rap game. He has such an authentic sound, and his sophomore album brought out the best of him.

If you want to watch a masterpiece today, check out Khem’s project “Schemin'”; it will blow your mind. Even if you have heard the song on the album,  the visuals completely give it new life, so don’t miss out on it.

Trapped In – The Album

Recently Khem dropped the album “Trapped In” with 11 songs on it. The rapper created a whole story about his rise to fame, and it is like a whole audiobook on its own.

This album has impressive tracks with different vibes and top-notch flows. Our favourites include “Schemin'”, “Jus’ Like Dat” and “Paradise”. If you have a favourite, drop it below.

Follow the Toronto rapper Khem on his IG profile below:

Check out the short movie for “Schemin'” above on this page, and leave a comment down below if you love it.

Quotable lyrics:

“Double up, triple up, 

diamonds don’t hit enough

Fox fur on me like Vivica

I know how to give it up

Backwoods, I twist it up

Back in the trap, and it’s pickin’ up”.