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Bigg Unccc – Wanna Bees

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Watch out for a new video from Bigg Unccc for his new song Wanna Bees. 

The last video that Bigg Unccc posted on his official profile came out 2 weeks ago. The rapper did a visual for the song Wanna Bees, which nearly 200,000 people have already viewed.

The rapper decided that visual works with the best team, so the video was produced by Denaro Love and shot by House Party. In this video, Bigg Unccc showed a combination of an urban and luxurious lifestyle, shooting a video surrounded by the most expensive cars and other valuables. The talented rapper paid special attention to fitting the text with the visual.

They filmed the video at various interesting locations as they rapped while playing basketball on the basketball court in the area. The scenes from the basketball alternate with the scenes in the parking lot, the rapper throws out the verses protected by the armed team that guards him.

This song, we can notice very good effects that follow urban and modern trends.

Already in the first bars, the dull sound of the piano and violin will slowly introduce you to the hard story. In addition to good rhythm and music, we have to notice that Bigg Unccc paid a lot of attention to the details in the video. The urban clothing combination and luxury jewelry, whose choice the rapper especially focused on in some shots, complemented their striking physical appearance.

The audience does not stop commenting on how good the young talented rapper is and how much he brings something new every time that ignites the internet. Before this song was released in the past 11 months, the rapper took a short break with announcements on his official channel. In July 2021, he released the single News Scene, after which he worked hard and finally released Wanna Bees.

His career went upward, especially when he released Go Monkey, Stop N Shop, and Play Dead songs. He most recognizes his empathy and emotion, which he expressed through the song Letter to Flippa, with which he paid tribute to rapper Young Dolph.

Bigg Unccc is intensively building its popularity on his Instagram profile, where it has approached the figure of 100,000 followers. You can find many interesting videos and photos on his profile and follow various events. If you follow Bigg Unccc, you can keep up to date with new projects and events that the rapper has prepared.

Take a few minutes, and watch the video for the song Wanna Bees. Join the fans and the audience in the comments and write your opinion. We can notice that Over 20 thousand followers follow his official channel. By subscribing to the official YouTube channel of the young artist, you will be up to date with new songs or collaborations that we can expect soon from this rising star.