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Roney – Back In Blood Remix (Video)

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Make some room for Roney and his new “Back in Blood” remix

Roney recently dropped the new “Freestyle” video “Back in Blood” remix, following his “Beatbox” Toronto remix. On this particular project, a Canadian rapper collaborated with Colton Davis, who shot and edited the “Back in Blood” remix.

Roney, one of the top-rated music talents from Canada, came on the scene at a young age – and since then, he became famous for his performances, which resulted in him gaining millions of streams on Spotify and many other platforms.

After having paused his musical performances for some time, he came back and begun regaining his lost space in the world of music. Declaring his comeback by promising that he’s going to put out new tracks each month, he made many of his fans thrilled. Working tirelessly to keep us posted on his work, he surely deserves to catch all of the attention the crowd can give him.

Roney has said that he will do his best to expand as much as possible. Until now, he indeed kept his word – and has been introducing us to his work steadily. Make some noise for this new project of his, and you won’t be disappointed with what this amazing artist has to offer.

“Back in Blood” remix posted on March 14, 2021, is only 1:41 long, which is enough for you to see what he’s been doing to keep us posted about his music. Things being what they are, there’s a big passion in his musical art – what’s more, he earned a celebrity status where he gets recognized not only around town but even further.

Check out Roney’s video for “Back in Black” above, be sure to follow his work, and stream his music on all available platforms.