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3MFrench – 7am In London ft. Bvlly

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Toronto based 3M French and Bvlly collaborate to bring about the new hip hop sensation!

Bvlly Appears on the track 7am In London with 3MFrench. The 2:58 minute long video was a symphony of great lyrics, enthusiasm and loud volume that pulls you straight to the dance floor. The video is an assortment of smooth frames and backgrounds blending into each other and that suits the tune of the video too. The rap is outclass, something totally expected when 3MFrench and Bvlly come together. With just the right moves and styles, the hip hop singers have managed to create the music video that boasts more than a million viewers on YouTube.

Released over 2 years ago on June 5, 2019, the song has managed to garner fame for both the rappers, however, some fans and critics claim the song is below par when it comes to both 3M French and Bvlly’s previous records, thus resulting in its mediocre popularity.  Another major reason why it wasn’t off the charts would be the track’s low tempo with tempo markings at about 81, which are considerably low when it comes to raps that need to ignite a certain level of threshold energy among listeners.

3M French however has a great track record that isn’t to be budged by a slight setback which is a result of tone or tempo. With a marvelous debut album, a vast array of fans and a stream of street anthems under his belt, French is all about meaningful performances that hit hard, not to mention their impressive production. And although French doesn’t like to refer to himself as a rapper, that doesn’t deny the fact that he is more than good at it, which is why rap fans might have to re adjust their list of favourite Toronto rappers to accommodate 3M French at the top. Feel free to watch the video 7am In London above and let us know how you like it.