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3MFrench – Sticks

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3MFrench Releases Visuals for “Sticks”

3MFrench releases the official music video for “Sticks” on September 28, 2022. “Sticks” is a single from 3MFrench’s newly released album It’s Just The Beginning, which was released on August 24, 2022. It’s Just The Beginning is a fitting album title for 3MFrench because he’s been making and releasing music for years, securing his spot in the music industry. Over the years, the ambitious artist achieved many milestones, such as creating a record label, Tripl3 M, releasing multiple albums like Money Making Moves and Triple Threat, and performing at countless sold-out venues. Still, the Toronto artist continues to strive in his career to prove that his current accomplishments are indeed just the beginning.

“Sticks” is one track from a collection of songs that depict 3MFrench’s life. “Sticks” is simple, direct, and straight-fire. In the first verse, the Canadian rapper goes over his values, such as loyalty, secrecy, and skillfulness. 3MFrench highly values loyalty, a common characteristic he talks about in his songs. In addition, 3MFrench discusses how estranged people are now reaching out to him again after seeing his success. However, due to his values, he doesn’t give these people second chances because they didn’t believe in him from the start. His values are evident in the second verse, when he says, “always hated school teacher, called and said I’m skipping. Now she all up in my dms telling me I’m different.” This bar reinforces 3MFrench’s notion that estrangers now want to associate with him because of his success. This bar also acts as a double entendre to say that his teacher is in his dms. Despite 3MFrench’s solid values and trust issues, he does have love for his real ones, which he shows tribute to in the third verse when he says, “Pengo swear my broski the voice of the ghetto.” Overall, 3MFrench is a real one. 

3MFrench Sticks

3MFrench – Sticks

Moving on to the official music video, directed by StrvngeFilms. In the video, we see scenes of 3MFrench rapping in front of all his album covers posted behind him, along with scenes of him rapping at different concert venues. These various shots symbolize 3MFrench’s grind and success. In fact, the determined rapper recently performed at the 2022 Rolling Loud show in Toronto, which is a significant milestone in his career. Though we visually see him at hard work, we also see a scene of a Lamborginue and Rollz Royce lined up, indicating the results of his success. There’s a line when 3MFrench says, “ I’m getting legal money now. I swear I’m used to dealing.” This line reveals how the rapper’s life took a turn from selling drugs to now earning money through his talent and skill, and the music video demonstrates how his success is a result of this turn. Still, 3MFrench ensures to remain humble as he doesn’t forget where he came from by giving a shoutout to CLE, the neighbourhood he grew up in. 

In his song “Sticks,” 3MFrench tells a story about his achievements and the values he learned along the way to depict his humble come up. Check out the visuals for this song by clicking the YouTube video linked above, and give 3MFrench a follow on Instagram.