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Friyie – Brainless

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A Toronto Man’s Ballad

“If you pull up, you’re losing your b****,” says Friyie in the new single Brainless, released on September 3rd, 2022. Friyie, also known as David Afriyie Obeng, is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and rapper from Toronto. Friyie’s career took off with his single, Money Team, produced by TwoTone. Money Team was also the theme song for Floyd Mayweather’s entrance for the Conor McGregor fight press conference. This publicity stunt enabled Friyie to be recognized by a larger audience allowing Money Team to receive over one million views on YouTube. Since then, Friyie has excelled in his career by cultivating his unique style and sound, as seen in Brainless

Brainless is a toxic serenade because Friyie presents himself as a man who steals other men’s girls when he says, “I f*** your b****, she’s the bestest, I put your b**** on the guest list.” At the same time, the Toronto rapper also states that if she’s loyal to him, “shawty gonna get the cash for real,” implying that he will take care of him. In contrast, these two bars present a Toronto man’s ballad by highlighting his toxic tendency while also showing his lover boy side. In addition, the production of Brainless replicates a similar feel to OVO sound by Toronto’s favourite Certified Lover Boy Drake. Although the single gives a similar sound to OVO radio, Friyie remains unique and tasteful with his flows and rhyme making Brainless a definite vibe.

Friyie Brainless

Friyie – Brainless

Brainless – Dark, Euphoric, and Icy

With that said, Godflow creatively produced the music video to fit the aesthetics of the song. The video is shot from a dark and euphoric artistic perspective. We see clips of Friyie chilling in a vintage car, along with clips of beautiful women presenting him with jewels and money. We also see scenes of these women counting money. Overall, this music video gives an icy and sensual feel that perfectly aligns with the song’s lyrics. It’s evident that the visuals of the song match with the lyrics when Friyie says, “shawty gonna get the cash for real” at the same time, we see a scene of a beautiful woman cleaning his gun. The visual scene symbolizes the woman’s trust for Friyie and/or the other way around, which displays a sense of loyalty for one another. All in all, making Brainless a complete mood.

Whether it’s a late night or early morning, Brainless is a toxic serenade that will either put you into demon or lover mode. Whatever the outcome, this song is a must-listen. Click on the YouTube video linked above and make sure to give Friyie a follow on Instagram. To learn more about Friyie, check out our blog, About Friyie, for all the details.