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Paris Richards – Woah Vicky

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On 11.2.2022. Paris Richards dropped the music video for her song “Woah Vicky” on her YouTube channel. The music video has 20k views, but it is now one of Toronto’s most fire songs.

Paris Richards did it again, and every time we watch the video, it gets better and better. The whole city should be rocking to this jam because the beat and the rhythm are one of a kind.

Her wordplay is crazy on this one, and we love it. This is definitely the biggest record by a female Toronto rapper ever, and people finally realize that this girl has swag.

From the chorus to the bars, Paris has done everything to make this video top-notch, and we can see her next to Doja Cat and Cardi B in the future. Her talent is undeniable, and we want more tracks and visuals like this.

Paris Richards has stepped on some necks with this one, and the track deserves some awards. If you want to listen to the next big thing in Toronto, don’t miss out on “Woah Vicky”, and put it on your playlist today.

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Check out the music video for “Woah Vicky”, and leave a comment if you are rocking with this song.

Quotable lyrics:

“Memba days had to sleep out at nights

Met trap fell in love with da life

Nip 9 by 4Give it 5 days, times 9 by 4

Like fuck it, I did that Werk on tha plane, fuck it I did that

Daddy said to put it up there. I did that

Finesse plenty niggas fuck it I did that

Shots out the Porsche fuck it did that

Woooo, I was never really into the hype.”